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Spring Clean…and Reasons To Be Cheerful

Posted on: March 8, 2011

This morning I have moved into a new office, as part of my new role. This type of changes forces a good spring clean of my workspace, a thorough review of the piles of paperwork that I have managed to accumulate over the last few months and a good deal of shredding and chucking out. The amazing thing was that it didn’t even take that long – not a fraction of the time that I had anticipated, nor anywhere near as long as I had spent thinking about it in advance. And it feels good!

So, I am now in my lovely clean, tidy, new office and I am resolving like mad to keep it that way – to stay on top of the piles of paper, to file things as I go and to be far neater, tidier and better organised in future. And who knows, I may even manage it ;).

Having a spring clean and regaining the environment you value is definitely good for the soul and an excellent reason to be cheerful. There are plenty of other things making me cheerful today too

  • Spring sunshine, however chilly
  • Lighter mornings – I thought I had overslept when I woke up today
  • Best of all…’s pancake day!

Today is definitely a good day for sharing…so tell me, what are your reasons to be cheerful?

17 Responses to "Spring Clean…and Reasons To Be Cheerful"

I had the best sleep in since I stopped work and it felt great! Then I woke up to a lovely sunny day! I’m Happy πŸ™‚

Yay – what a fantastic feeling – good for you, Jose!

Glad to hear that moving offices hasn’t been too much of a chore. Have you got a view? Hope the new job is going well. Did you manage to shake off the old one, or not quite yet?

I was a bit down in the dumps yesterday and my hubby really cheered me up. This morning the sun was out again and on the way home from the nursery/school run I thought “today is going to be a better day”.

So far it has been! And here’s what’s making me feel cheery:
– I have had three telephone conversations with insightful people
– I have a meeting with a new outplacement consultant scheduled and another exciting meeting planned for later this week
– I have decided to go after what I want, not what I think I can do/should do, even though it may take more time, patience and effort!
– I have decided to join the gym (and go regularly) – someone check up on me please!!!
– I have finally started reading a book I promised to review

Only thing left to conquer today is a presentation I have to make at one of my meetings this week!! Yikes – saved the best (scariest) till last

Hey – well done you!! Thats really fantastic. It feels good to take action doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re right about going for what you really want, not what you think you should be doing.

I have got a bit of a view – of the local school no less! Luckily I face away from the window otherwise it might be bit distracting ;). I have shaken off most of the old job now – hooray!

Good luck with your presentation, sure you’ll be brilliant!

I’m ducking out early this afternoon (I did start early!) to go and watch my daughter’s swimming lesson!!

…and of course it’s sunny, things are growing AND it’s pancake day:D

I took my son to tennis yesterday and watching him play, albeit only for the first few minutes (parents were asked kindly to leave), was such a proud moment. Definitely the kind of activity worth ‘ducking out early’ for! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Hooray! Am really pleased for you. Good news is always made better when shared, am loving the cheeriness of this post and the comments πŸ™‚

Ah! Right up my street! I love little joys!
I’m very pleased that it’s Pancake Day, I foresee yummy food and giggles in the kitchen.
I am daftly pleased (as I don’t know him personally) that @redundantPS is working again.
I feel like my name is in lights (ooh, stardom) now that there is a link from XpertHR to my blog (thanks to @mjcarty)
I’m loving the sunshine.
And wonderfully, a new potential client (that I’d love to work with) is hopefully deciding this week.
I’m sure I’ll think of more within 2 minutes, but you might just get bored! Also, I really should tidy my office!

Your names in lights…you really are famous now! It was a great article and well deserved linkage. Have fun making those pancakes and thanks for sharing.

I received lots of positive emails from old colleagues as it was finally confirmed I wont be going back to my old job. The sun is shining, I managed to write a to do list this morning and am making my way through to the end. Tiny just gave me the most wonderful waking up smile yet! And tomorrow I’m off to the snowy mountains with OH for 3 whole days of kids and snow… Life is good πŸ™‚
Thanks for making me remember that there are always things to be happy and grateful for. x x x

Good for you, I’m glad you got lots of positivity from your old colleagues, its good to have everything out in the open. Smiles from one’s children just becasue they’re glad to see you makes me really remember what its all about.

Thank you for commenting xx

I am having a spring clean of my wardrobe this weekend – good excuse to buy more clothes – the sun has inspired me and truned my thoughts to holidays!!

Wardrobe spring clean – now there is a thought! Amazing and lovely how much the sun can cheer all of us up and inspire.

Another reason to be cheerful – I am really looking forward to getting together on Thursday evening!

I am cheerful for my daughter πŸ™‚ Great blog

And a fabulous reason that is too, thanks for sharing!

Alison, you are my reason to be cheerful. You and Ian Dury of course. A couple of great motivators. Great post and lots of lovely replies from good people.

Oh Doug, what a lovely thing to say – thank you! I don’t think I have ever been grouped with Ian Drury before…lol!

I have also hugely enjoyed the comments on this post, thanks so much!

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