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This morning I have moved into a new office, as part of my new role. This type of changes forces a good spring clean of my workspace, a thorough review of the piles of paperwork that I have managed to accumulate over the last few months and a good deal of shredding and chucking out. The amazing thing was that it didn’t even take that long – not a fraction of the time that I had anticipated, nor anywhere near as long as I had spent thinking about it in advance. And it feels good!

So, I am now in my lovely clean, tidy, new office and I am resolving like mad to keep it that way – to stay on top of the piles of paper, to file things as I go and to be far neater, tidier and better organised in future. And who knows, I may even manage it ;).

Having a spring clean and regaining the environment you value is definitely good for the soul and an excellent reason to be cheerful. There are plenty of other things making me cheerful today too

  • Spring sunshine, however chilly
  • Lighter mornings – I thought I had overslept when I woke up today
  • Best of all…’s pancake day!

Today is definitely a good day for sharing…so tell me, what are your reasons to be cheerful?

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