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Don’t Give Up

Posted on: March 9, 2011

So, today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent and traditionally the time when we give things up for forty days until Easter Sunday. In the past I have given up chocolate for Lent, sometimes I have chosen not to give anything up.

This year I am doing something different and have added a twist: I am taking something up instead!

The challenge I have set myself is to widen my reading of different HR blogs: every working day during Lent I will be seeking out, reading, commenting and retweeting a link to at least one blog that is relatively new to me, that I have not read or commented on before. There are so many fantastic HR blogs out there that I am certain I will have no shortage of material. I’m really excited about doing this and I’d love to hear any recommendations!

Are you doing anything for Lent – either giving something up, or like me, taking up a new challenge ? I’d love to hear all about it!

18 Responses to "Don’t Give Up"

What a cracking idea – I am going to take up hoovering every Sunday!

I’m giving up cake… and possibly all fatty sweet products… I already run so I am cranking that up a gear too 😀

My new challenge is to ask for more help and receive it graciously without feeling guilty! Quite a challenge I think!
Great post – have printed the picture for my desk wall!

I’m giving up wireless connection after 6.30. I’ve been aware that I’m becoming very twitchy in the evenings – hovering between family, emails and Twitter.
It’s rubbish, frankly.
I am devoting myself to family in the evening, unless I have to do some work.
Hereby signed PRforHR, Kay A Phelps.
(Love your idea, Alison! Great HR community support)

Good luck Kay,
I will be watching your stream after 6 30pm Lady!!! And I am not alone!!

Great Idea Alison,

My plan for next 40 days is to give up “giving up”.
No seriously, I love your Idea and I think that I am officially signing for “no multitasking” Lent. I have tried it before and it worked. I was less tired and I’ve done much more than usually.

Hereby, signed HRbeginner aka Peter Hros

Hi Alison. You’re on a roll eh 🙂

Until I read your blog I had no idea how long Lent is. 40 days eh – I don’t think I want to give up anything for that long!! And yet I do want to try and do something differently – for a little while at least.

I love to read about, listen to and try out new things. I’m a hopeless addict to future focus and experimentation. So I’m going to stop. Just for a few days I am going to have a brief period of reflection. There – I’ve said it!

Can I survive? And for how long? Honestly – I’m not confident and I’m going to try….hard!

Cheers – Doug

What fantastic comments – thank you! Sounds like there are some brilliant ideas and resolutions going on, both for starting and stopping things – thanks for sharing 🙂

[…] Don’t Give Up ( […]

I like your approach, Alison and am especially keen on ‘starting’ rather than ‘stopping’. Christianity has a particular knack of turning the good of self improvement into the guilt of self-flagellation.

I’m going to walk around the block for ten minutes every lunchtime I’m in the office.

I’m trying the stopping something just for a change. Are you accusing me of self flagellation 🙂 Could be worse…

See me after your walk around the block.

What a great idea – might be one I try next time ;).

Hi Alison

What a great attitude and actually something I practice a lot in “real non lent life” – if I am stuck or have a problem I always stop and ask myself “what is the exact opposite to what I should do” – sometimes the answer is the opposite!! So I love your proactive approach.

Doug Shaw I am surprised at you!!? (lol) you know not of the 40 days and nights of temptation in the desert for Jesus? this is where Lent is apparently derived from? so temptation is central to why Lent is a time for dietary aims!!

My Lent resolution is cut back on sugar,no bread and up the running…….abstinence isn’t a bad thing for mind and body in my experience.

great post Alison – looking forward to reading your RT blog posts!

Thanks for popping by to comment Lisa – lovely to have you as always! Sounds like good positive Lenten resolutions for you too – good luck with the running and cutting out sugar and carbs.

By the way I will be RTing the blogs under the hashtag #newtomeHRblogs and also doing a summary post of all the new ones I have read sometime around Easter.

A consultant I work with regularly once asked me (about a year ago) how many times in the last 3 years I can remember being genuinely happy? I mused for some time and sadly answered 4 (most of which involved holidays or friends). He then berated me at length (there was wine involved) and told me to get over myself and to “stop and smell the roses” as I didn’t know how good I had it…

My lent commitment is to reflect on the day and notice the thing that made me happy. Today’s was a room upgrade at a hotel (it’s dead swanky!!!)

There must be a cap doff to Sukh P (@learninggrump) who started his ‘3 good things today’ posts but I only managed 3 days worth…..

Great post, just what i have come to expect from you Alison. I have often done the anti-Lent thing of trying something more consistently for the 40 day and this year my goal is Meditation. I have been an on and off meditator for a few years but always found it tough to do daily. This is my chance to really get hooked on it as habits are formed over 21 days.

Must be easier than the time I gave up alcohol…tough.

Ah! This is my one too and I’m exactly the same.

Actually, I had got back into the swing of meditating again during January and February, but seemed to have lost the rhythm again in March. Starting again now…

I did wonder about doing without my toxins of choice – coffee, wine and chocolate – for 40 days. And then thought, nah! I SO much prefer the positive idea of taking something UP for Lent than giving something up 🙂

I gave up Lent about 30 years ago.

Now I don’t know what to do.

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