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Four New HR Blogs to Brighten Your January!

Posted on: January 17, 2011

So, today is Blue Monday, January always feels like the longest month ever and Christmas seems a distant memory.  But have you noticed how fantastic this month has been so far for new blogging talent?  There are four new HR blogs that have really brightened my January and I am genuinely excited to read all the new posts and hear the fresh voices.  The new blogs I am avidly following at the moment are as follows –

1) Alison Ashford (

Started on New Year’s Day, Alison is delivering consistently fabulous, life-affirming posts that are really well written and thought-provoking.  Her blog has never failed to lift my spirits, warm my consciousness and bring a sense of calm perspective.  The blogging equivalent to a lovely warming mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.

2) @onatrainagain (

I am truly loving this blog.  From a twitter conversation with theHRD, Emma was inspired to try blogging. Despite initial concerns about whether anyone would be interested on what she had to say, she has found her voice over the last week and has become a prolific blogger.  I love the fact that Emma does a ‘real-life’, gritty HR role, which she balances with being a Mum and that she writes on a whole range of subjects.  Really great and a must-read.

3) Ailsa Suttie (

Ailsa is an established HR Director, who is taking a massive leap into the unknown by deciding to leave her job and become the founder of a new, not for profit start-up. Her blog will be charting this story as it unfolds and I can’t wait to read all about it.

4) @HRHopeful (

Katie Davis is also a newcomer into the blogging world and has already written two great posts which I would urge you to check out.  An HR Advisor who loves working with people and finding solutions, her blog reflects real-life, day-to-day HR in a coaching and learning and development environment.

I love the energy behind these new blogs and will be following them with interest. It’s great to have more UK female HR bloggers….and since writing this I have seen another very first blog published by Beth Mayes ( so I’m going to check that one out too 🙂

Keep them coming!

11 Responses to "Four New HR Blogs to Brighten Your January!"

Alison, you’re a master of inspiring confidence and bringing people together. Your encouraging words and kindness are hugely appreciated, thank you! I’m smiling from ear to ear 🙂 I already follow Emma’s blog, which I agree is great, and now I will check out Ailsa’s, Katie’s and Beth’s. Oh, and of course there is another fabulous HR blog which I already love: The HR Juggler!

Encouragement – it’s good for the soul 🙂 I love highlighting the good work of others – good to see you doing it too Alison. Keep it going.

Cheers – Doug

Nicely put Alison! Am enjoying every single one of them so far! (already working on some ideas to launch mine in Feb…)

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Thanks so much for commenting

Alison, you deserve every word of praise, it is a great blog and you should be pleased! Thank you for your kind words in return, glad you enjoy reading 😉

Doug, encourager par excellence for me and many others, thank you and you are of course entirely right.

Jose, I look forward to seeing your blog in Feb…exciting times!

Great post, thanks for the links!

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog in your blog 🙂

Hi, I’m new I would like to welcome all… 🙂

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Very interesting and informative article indeed. I have to admit that I always follow all news about this, so it was quite interesting to read this your post about this subject.

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