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Today my blog is two years old. 

Two years, 130 posts, 29,409 views and 933 comments, including my own.

It seems pretty amazing really, I still remember how terrifying it was to press ‘publish’ for the first time, the rediscovered joy of writing regularly and finding my own voice. It’s been a source of real personal development, a great way of connecting with others and sharing  views and ideas. My personal highlight so far has been curating the Advent series of guest posts last December, which I loved doing.

These days I’m more ambivalent about blogging – I still enjoy it, but don’t feel the need to force the regularity of writing. I’m sure at some point I will stop entirely, but not yet…definitely not yet!

And the most read posts? The all-time top 10 are below…

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So, thank you for reading, for commenting, for sharing and for being a part of my first two years of blogging…I appreciate it hugely!

I have had a sore throat lately…metaphorically at least…and temporarily lost my blogging voice over the last few months. I’m happy to report that it seems to be well and truly back, due in no small measure to some of the brilliant people I have around me.

Whilst I was on holiday, my good friend Flora started her own blog (if you haven’t read it yet, you really should, it’s excellent) and what struck me most when reading it, is how her voice jumped off the page to me. Her voice, her style – undeniably, emphatically her. It reminded me of why I had started blogging and gave me some insight into how honest, personal blogs can be so rewarding and refreshing to read. It also inspired a little spark of recognition that I still have plenty to say and a voice and style of my own to articulate it in.

The other thing that struck me in reading Flora’s first post was the great way that she described her network – vibrant, full of varied, precious friends and family, people she loves and respects, people who she helps and who help her. That reminded me of the general fabulousness of the people that I am privileged to have become friends with through ConnectingHR and Twitter, as well as those who I have met through more conventional means.

And then, a chance conversation in Twitter with one such lovely friend of mine, Anthony Allinson, led to him emailing me some really thoughtful feedback on what he likes about my blog, things that have helped and inspired him and some ideas for future topics, should I feel like returning more regularly to the blogging fray. Reading his email not only lightened my heart, but somehow also had the effect releasing lots of ideas about future posts and musings and generally cheering me up and inspiring me no end. I was, and am, touched beyond measure that he had taken the time to think about me and about my blog and what would be helpful to move both of us forward. He will be blushing furiously by now, I know, so I will simply say that I am hugely appreciative of his consistent, understated kindness.

The lesson for me is that asking for and accepting help from friends, family and colleagues is not only OK, it is more often than not absolutely essential in order to continue to grow and develop. There is undoubtedly a fortuitous element of right words, right place, right time to all of this…but the simple fact is, you have to be open to being helped, as much as you are willing to offer and give it yourself. And it feels great…I shall be practising doing it more often!

So to Tony and Flora, thank you! Beers…or rather red wine, whiskey and cocktails…are on me :).

I haven’t blogged in a little while. I haven’t blogged with anything approaching unconscious competence for even longer. I have had an unofficial blogging pause.

When I first started blogging, I felt that I had really found my voice, a rediscovered pleasure in articulating thoughts creatively in writing, a renewed confidence in performing my role and a sense of belonging in the wider HR community.

It’s tricky to put my finger on what has changed lately. A hugely enjoyable stint of guest posts during Advent inadvertently led to me temporarily losing the blogging habit and becoming fatigued with the daily discipline. A couple of posts published that I knew were below my best knocked my confidence a little. And perhaps more than anything else, a start to the year that felt as professionally tough as the one that had just ended.

But, wallowing is as overrated as it is ridiculous, so I’m back – refreshed and ready to write more frequently again. 

A pause to any activity is helpful in considering whether to continue, how you want to shape your contribution, what you value and miss about it. For me, blogging has always been one of the best ways I know of expressing my opinions, reflecting on my own development, values and priorities…and I do firmly believe that when I am regularly blogging I am better at my job, more self-aware, more creative and more energised.

So, that’s me, back in the blogging saddle, meatier posts to follow. Feels good already :).

P.S. Of course it’s half-full!

So, its been a little while since I last blogged. And a couple of lovely friends on Twitter have been gently prodding me to get back into it. So, thought I’d pop back in to say hello and how have you been?

My blogging mojo comes and goes, but what I’ve enjoyed about this recent absence is that I haven’t felt in the least bit obliged to keep writing if I didn’t feel like it.  Which is a good feeling – blogging should definitely be a pleasure and not a chore. Although I distinctly recall, I did initially feel like writing things down and then I got completely distracted with a business trip to New York; a cold and windy (but thoroughly enjoyable!) camping weekend with friends on the South Coast; motoring through the entire Twilight saga on my Kindle and of course busy, busy work. Life :).

So have I got any amazing insights for you? No. Not today, not really. Only this: that sometimes its great to take a break from things, to do something different and get a new perspective. And that when you want to get back into doing the activity you enjoy, not to worry if it doesn’t feel like it comes as naturally as it did, just give it a try and see what happens.

So how are you? What’s new? Its been ages……..!

So, today is Blue Monday, January always feels like the longest month ever and Christmas seems a distant memory.  But have you noticed how fantastic this month has been so far for new blogging talent?  There are four new HR blogs that have really brightened my January and I am genuinely excited to read all the new posts and hear the fresh voices.  The new blogs I am avidly following at the moment are as follows –

1) Alison Ashford (

Started on New Year’s Day, Alison is delivering consistently fabulous, life-affirming posts that are really well written and thought-provoking.  Her blog has never failed to lift my spirits, warm my consciousness and bring a sense of calm perspective.  The blogging equivalent to a lovely warming mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.

2) @onatrainagain (

I am truly loving this blog.  From a twitter conversation with theHRD, Emma was inspired to try blogging. Despite initial concerns about whether anyone would be interested on what she had to say, she has found her voice over the last week and has become a prolific blogger.  I love the fact that Emma does a ‘real-life’, gritty HR role, which she balances with being a Mum and that she writes on a whole range of subjects.  Really great and a must-read.

3) Ailsa Suttie (

Ailsa is an established HR Director, who is taking a massive leap into the unknown by deciding to leave her job and become the founder of a new, not for profit start-up. Her blog will be charting this story as it unfolds and I can’t wait to read all about it.

4) @HRHopeful (

Katie Davis is also a newcomer into the blogging world and has already written two great posts which I would urge you to check out.  An HR Advisor who loves working with people and finding solutions, her blog reflects real-life, day-to-day HR in a coaching and learning and development environment.

I love the energy behind these new blogs and will be following them with interest. It’s great to have more UK female HR bloggers….and since writing this I have seen another very first blog published by Beth Mayes ( so I’m going to check that one out too 🙂

Keep them coming!

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