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Happy Blogday: One Year of Blogging

Posted on: October 23, 2011

This weekend marks my first ‘blogday’, the anniversary of my first post, written as a direct result of the first ConnectingHR Unconference.  I’m amazed that it has already been a year and I can honestly say that although I embarked on blogging with little thought to where it would lead me, I have really enjoyed writing regularly and found it a real source of personal development and support.

Why Do I Blog?

  • I like articulating my thoughts and experiences and find it makes me reflect on them more deeply than I otherwise might have done
  • It’s a great way of engaging with like-minded people
  • I enjoy the creative process
  • Getting feedback and comments on posts helps me to explore my thoughts around a topic and often adds many dimensions that I have not even considered
  • It’s fun and enjoyable…and possibly a little addictive once you’ve started 😉

Some Facts and Figures

I originally started my blog on Posterous and moved to this WordPress platform at the end of November 2010. Since this time I have had 11,285 individual hits on this site, with the highest daily traffic peaking at 260 views and the busiest month of September 2011 bringing in 1,694 hits. I have written a total of 73 posts and have an amazing 570 comments, although that includes my own responses. All of this is obviously small-fry in comparison to many other blogs out there, but I’m really proud of the way this site has developed and hugely grateful to all of you who take the time to read and comment.

The most popular posts are not always the ones I would have expected, but for those interested in having a browse through some of the archives or just plain curious, the most-read ones are as follows –

Title   Views
Home page More stats 2,983
LinkedIn: 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Connect More stats 505
My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked More stats 410
Four New HR Blogs to Brighten Your January! More stats 251
Breaking The Ice More stats 238
The Art of Conversation More stats 237
Why Are HR The Worst People Managers Of All? More stats 234
To TheHRD With Love and Thanks More stats 225
ConnectingHR: The Best Kept Secret in HR Networking More stats 223
Back to School More stats 217

So, all that remains is to say thank you. For reading, for commenting, for making suggestions, for challenging and most of all for encouraging…I appreciate it enormously.

Let’s see if I can make it to my second blogday 🙂


8 Responses to "Happy Blogday: One Year of Blogging"

Happy blogday to you – your blogs make for interesting reading and also help me to reflect. Keep up the good work! Lorraine

Happy Blogday to you Alison!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs over the past year and passing them onto the rest of our team. These blogs have for me really opened up another side to working with you. As the blogs are by nature deeper than the usual ‘what have we got on at the moment’ type conversations, you have changed the way in which I am viewing HR and ultimately my career. Your push and enthusiasm for the team to get involved in connectingHR and the twittersphere has helped me feel more connected and excited by the possibilities of working in HR.

So thank you and may you have many more blogdays!


Wow, what a lovely comment – thank you. As you know, it took me quite a while to stop being shy about my blogs (!) so I’m genuinely very touched that it makes a difference to you and to how you view HR. That is a wonderful thing to ponder further on.

Congratulations – milestones like this are great eh 🙂

I enjoy my visits here and I’m always keen to see folks sharing a few numbers too – I think it’s a useful way of encouraging people.

Nice one Alison.

Thanks Doug, appreciate it

a doffed cap to Mrs C 🙂

Glad you made it to a year and her’s to year 2 and echo KRae’s comment, whilst I don’t work with you, it definitely shows more depth to an individual and makes the relationship more valuable/easier to engage with and you are one of the people who was very encouraging to me when I took the leap so thanks


Alison, happy happy blogday, amazing achievement although it’s not one I’m not surprised by. You write with relevance, absolutely, but also with respect and kindness and warmth. I hope you’re doing something lovely to celebrate 🙂

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