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When The CEO Starts To Tweet…

Posted on: November 6, 2011

So, we all know that changes in behaviour are driven from the top, right? It’s been fascinating to see some real life examples of how a CEO becoming more social and actively tweeting can influence an organisation and encourage others to do the same.

My boss and CEO (@lindseyroberts1) was the person who originally suggested I set myself up on Twitter. Recently she’s been tweeting more,  encouraging other senior managers to get involved with Twitter and doing some simple but effective things like putting her Twitter handle on her email signature. And as more people within the organisation start to tweet, the greater the sense of engagement and cohesion – it’s a quiet but powerful step change in how we communicate and interact.

On Tuesday, I deliver my first Twitter training session to the Board. I’m looking forward to it, although don’t doubt that it will be a tough audience. But slowly and surely, it feels like a step change in our organisation is starting to happen…and that is fantastic to be a part of.

I’d love to know what your organisation is like and whether your CEO is becoming social…its certainly a powerful force to be reckoned with!

6 Responses to "When The CEO Starts To Tweet…"

Good luck for Tuesday 🙂

Our CEO is also on Twitter, as are many of the Exec. They use it in various ways, and is interesting to see how/why they do. I don’t think they’ve had anyone formally take them through, but we are a very social company. Everyone is on some kind of social platform, and Twitter seems to be the most prevalent amongst them. Also, it’s why I started to tweet – because I saw and was hearing about so much happening through Twitter that I felt I was missing out being the social beast that I am 😉

Hope the training goes well!

Change from the top – can’t beat it. You’ve actually made me think about a NFP organisation I volunteer with and who have some interest in Social Media but haven’t started. I think it’s time for a chat with the President & MD to see what can be stimulated with board members. Thanks for the prompt!

Then there are those CEOs who should never be allowed anywhere near Twitter:

All the best for tomorrow.

Nice one! A great example of an engaged CEO on Twitter is Peter Wanless, the CEO of Big Lottery Fund. Find him, follow him – he tweets a great mix of business and personal and shows how it should be done. Hope your workshop was great fun

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