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Day 16: Jumping Off The Ledge

Posted on: December 16, 2011

Some people never fail to make me smile and Natasha Stallard is one of those who does so most. She exudes such warm positivity that she can always brighten up my day, challenge my thinking, offer a thoughtful and supportive word and impart some of her infectious energy. She is a real pleasure to connect with on Twitter and you can find her at @StirTheSource.

Happy Birthday, Tash!


Inspired by Alison’s lovely invitational post to ‘Let the Light In’, I, in true seasonal theme, became one of a number of elves scurrying to deliver our Advent Reflections to this beautiful, generous and savvy Snow Queen.    Furthermore, the opportunity to be part of this work felt important. A sense that this series could be ‘consciousness shifting’ – not only for those blogging but perhaps for those reading too.   So, without further ado, to my post!

365 days ago to the day I reached a milestone in my life. I became 40.  The day was like no other day on earth and to say I cried bucket-loads is a massive under-statement.   Why? The expressions of love from others just blew me away, in fact, it kind of felt as though I was at my own funeral watching over as others spoke of me and what I had shifted, changed or impacted through our relationship, be it working, family or personal friendship.    It was then, through the tears (btw I always see tears as moments of transformation, think Alice in Wonderland!) I got to thinking ………. 

In that thinking, I stopped and started to look in at myself. I realised that I needed to slow down. I needed to allow others time to share with me their gratitude when they wanted to (not when I allowed them i.e on my 40th birthday!). Most surprisingly I realised that I finally needed to let go of the striving and pace that had driven my ‘successful’ life for so long.  So, in that moment, I took a deep breath and finally jumped off that human ledge.  What happened next was quite profound. I was given a gift, a gift of an E! Now I know what you naughty elves are thinking, but this was a different kind of E, an E that finally allowed me to move from pace to pEace.  A peace that made me laugh out loud and allowed me to see that there really is nothing to strive for and to simply allow ‘what is’, to simply be, ‘what is’.  I realised, quite profoundly, that THIS LIFE IS heaven on earth, with all it’s beautiful nooks, crannies,  global upheavals and economic disasters.  I realised that I needed to stop looking up, flapping my wings in hope and pushing forward for humanity, but to just tilt my head at the sky and smile (thanks Buddha!).  So what happened …… what really happens when one moves from pace to peace? Did I sit on a mountain for a year?  Did I disappear from the face of the earth 😉 

Well as I reflect on the year, I realise that I have had one of the most interesting, challenging, fulfilling and crazy years that I have ever had. Believe me it wasn’t easy shedding a lifetime of ‘successful’ behaviours and being willing to explore the dark as well as the light, but I sincerely believe that without that leap and commitment to let go, many of the amazing opportunities I have been given and many of the stunning people I have met (many of whom will be reading this now) would not have happened.  In January 2011, Ben Okri, one of my favourite writers released a poem on Twitter one line a day @benokri    As I reflect, I realise this was the early companion of the ‘new Tash’ – the anchor that allowed me to shed the PACE and be the PEACE.   Here’s the link for anyone who may be interested

Wishing you all amazing moments ahead, whatever they may appear as!  

Love, Peace and Satsuma’s.  Tash x


And because it’s my blog and I can if I want to….here’s a little something on your special day from all of us!

4 Responses to "Day 16: Jumping Off The Ledge"

E – you’re a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to all of us – expect a torrent of gratitude today. Being brave enough to stop striving and to peacefully accept life, as it is and as it comes, has clearly given you such a richer enjoyment of all that’s around you. You are an example to us all. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you have entered my sphere – you make me think, smile, cry, appreciate and look at life in a different way from how I did before I met you and I know that you have a similar impact on others. Happy Birthday!

Nice work! And you know this already, I just wanted to share with everyone my thanks to you for your assistance in helping me come to terms with the importance of enjoying performance this year. I’m ever so grateful to you, and I think those who have been in the audience are too, well most of ’em anyway. Happy birthday!

Thank you beautiful Kate Needless to say you moved me to tears with your words. Thank you. SO thrilled to have met you this year too.

Doug, been an awesome ride dude! You inspire me so much, you really do …. always at the edge, stepping forward …… LOVE IT!

ooohhh and, of course, much applause and thanks to Alison for letting me loose on here and for the wonderful Stevie song .. he’s one of my faces *dancing*

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