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Are  you a leader? Do you feel like one? Do you always feel like being one? Does anyone?
It’s my suspicion that many of the people that we consider to be leaders don’t necessarily perceive themselves the same way. Seeing ourselves as others see us is perhaps the biggest challenge of all, whether at work, at home or amongst friends…we all have the power to influence, to inspire and to initiate action. We are all leaders in some capacity or context.
In the workplace, I see many reluctant leaders…people who have been promoted on the strength of their technical and operational abilities, who at times struggle to be the leader that they believe their team or colleagues expect…to be the expert communicator, the approachable manager with the open door who can coach, motivate and guide individuals to where they need to be. Perhaps in truth, there is a little of the reluctant leader in all of us.
Being a reluctant leader is fine…chances are you are just as good a leader (if not a better one!) as the individual next to you who exalts in their authority and status. Having the self-awareness to understand the shadows we cast as leaders is vital to become the best that we can be.
What do you think?

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