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Moving on

September often seems to signify much that is new and in transition. Children heading into new school years, or new schools entirely, marking rites of passage that remind us of our own so many years before. The gentle heralding of seasons starting to change, imperceptible shifts in focus towards what lies ahead for us in the remainder of the of the calendar year and beyond. Changes that beckon us on, to sometimes familiar, sometimes entirely new landscapes.

Things are changing and for me this year, September brings a whole new emphasis and nuance, new challenges and a wealth of opportunities….as well as plenty of unknowns and a blank canvas to draw on, throw paint at, play with and experiment on. I have in many ways been privileged to have had the gift of time this summer, the ability to spend time with friends and family away from the usual demands and routine of work and I have enjoyed it immensely. September calls me gently back to reality, to the task of finding a new role and my next challenge, outside of the organisation where I have happily and productively spent the last decade. It also makes me realise that I am ready for this, that what I termed the Summer of Adventure is coming to a natural close and that the Autumn of Opportunity has already begun.

So, I’m moving on. And I’m OK about that…more than OK. I’m not yet sure how much I’ll be blogging about the journey, but I already know how enormously fortunate I am to have the support and network that I do…and that the best is very much still yet to come… 🙂

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