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F is for…

Posted on: November 17, 2013


F is for fitness, surprisingly fun,

I never realised how much until I started to run.

F is for Flora, my fantastic friend,

who walked the length of the country, end-to-end

F is for fearless, for we might need to be…

she’s agreed to run the Brighton marathon in April with me!!!

F is for fundraising, for MS and Mind

We’d love you to sponsor us, if you’d be so kind

F is for flipping heck and five months to go

Can we run 26.2 miles even going slow?

F is for faith, we know that we can…

But we’d better start working on a training plan!

Friendship and fun, Flora and me,

Running a marathon doesn’t seem as scary as it used to be.

So, please show your support, give us a cheer

…and come visit our sponsorship page here 🙂

2 Responses to "F is for…"

You are a very talented poet Mrs C. Who would have thought when we were walking the Moonwalk and you said you would never be a runner that you would be doing a marathon, amazing !!!

Ahhh…thanks so much! It’s funny, I remember that conversation in the early hours of the morning (mile 23ish?) but I can no longer remember what it felt like to be so adamant I wouldn’t ever be a runner. What can I say, except…you were right!!! 🙂

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