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For me, it’s all about the self discipline when I’m at home or with friends. There is nothing happening in the social space which is important enough to trump those most important to me.

I don’t deny it took me longer than it should to have seen this, and I quite possibly gave more than due attention to Twitter and the likes.

These days though, I know I’m ok if I don’t check what’s happening out there. Because the people I’m around need my time more. It’s also why my blogging has been reduced to one or two a week.

Our time is finite on this planet, and I choose to have the balance and level of engagement I have.No one forces me to be on social apps. It’s within all our gift to realise that.

Joe and I have recently decided that we won’t go onto the internet until the boys have gone to bed …. as we reslised that, by default, we were coming home and logging into mindless tabliod newspaper sites to read the ‘news’ in favour of talking to our children. It was absorbing 30 min (when we thought it was only taking 2 or 3)

The people around us should always take priority and I don’t want my children thinking it is OK to be absorbed in an iPad / the internet instead of talking to those around them – as a parent I need to lead by example!

Good for you Alison 🙂 I also take regular “social media breaks” and the world still goes on without me 🙂
I like to balance being social on “social media” and face to face.
If I’m not in the mood to be active on social media, I just won’t. If I am, I’ll be there, and both are ok.
Enjoy! 🙂

Those who know me know I can go on rather in comments. They may also know that this topic is a particular favourite of mine.

First, the usual disclaimers. I’ve made real friends and learned a huge amount from SM. I continue to do so. I am not immune to outbreaks of idle banter for the fun of it, nor to simply showing off (quite the opposite).

In general though, I am trying to prioritise (broken record alert!) what I am doing, where I am and who I am with, over connecting and sharing with others who are elsewhere. That can wait until later. Often, by the time it is later, the urge to share boils down to, “Look at me!”, so I don’t bother. Ok, not always 🙂

That’s a respect thing. Also, my friendships are precious and few. Those I trust are greater in. Umber but still few. Those relationships don’t need stoking every day. If they do them they’re not real anyway. 

I have also started to evaluate what I give and what I get in return.

I am not sure that sharing my identity, my location and my preferences with Facebook so it can be securitised and sold on for commercial purposes is a good deal. I’d rather pay £2 per month for all my SM features and retain ownership of who I am. My identify etc. is worth a great deal more to me. I really could go on and on here so I’ll zip it!

When I was twenty something I was lucky enough to own a house. I had two spare bedrooms. Every month I did the same calculation. Do I rent out my spare rooms for fabulous levels of disposable income (for a twenty something) or do I keep my privacy? Every month it was an easy decision.  Far from making me a recluse, keeping control over my privacy that meant I had a fabulous social life.

Back to the positive side (cue another broken record alert) the following equation applies very well:

Purpose + Community + Media (*) = enjoyable and productive collaboration.

Right now, behind the TR firewall I am sending a book around the world to help knit my wonderful bit scattered team together better. It is play. It is one of many little things. It is hard work. But as part of a wider set of activities it is effective and enjoyable.

To me, it’s less about holidays than working out when to use it and why.

Also, look at what they make you give… 

More so than ever, thank you for making me think 🙂

Love the potential of recalibration! I’ve taken various breaks in the past and noticed the benefit of a period of reflection – much like a holiday. However, for me a period of rest hasn’t necessarily been enough to get the balance right…

What’s made the biggest difference to me is thinking what my (for want of a better phrase) “stakeholders” want from me and when Twitter might help… What do my clients want/need? What do my family want/need? What do I want/need? Fundamentally, I think it maybe even comes down to what could I better use my time for? Is it just me?!?

Over the last month or so, I’ve consciously curtailed my usage and I’m getting more books read, I’m busier with clients and those closest to me are appreciating my fuller presence… I’m also noticing how many people on Twitter I just don’t want to be engaged with. Funny how they don’t teach you that on Twitter!

Alison, I’d marked this post to read whilst on holiday and guess what, I’m doing just that. I love my Social media, however, through circumstances and some conscious awareness on my part(!), there will be less tweeting! However, I won’t be stop checking in on the people who matter to me on #Twitter. As David and everyone else have said to a greater or lesser degree here, we all have to find our own balance of being present and being present! x

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