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While You Were Sleeping….

Posted on: May 12, 2013


While you were sleeping, I was walking. Last night, I walked 26.2 miles with 17,000 other women and a few brave men in the London Moonwalk. I started before midnight and finished at around 7am, taking just short of 7 hours 20 minutes.

While you were sleeping, I saw amazing sights. The entire marquee of friends and strangers holding hands to mark a minute’s silence for the three women who had signed up for the London Moonwalk and died before last night arrived. Enormous numbers of incredibly decorated bras and proud, resilient, determined women walking through the night for a cause they are passionate about. I saw pain, sadness and remembered grief, mixed with laughter, joy, hope, excitement and tenacity. I saw volunteers working tirelessly through the night to encourage and cheer on the walkers. I saw the very, very best of the human spirit and our commitment to help and support others. I saw children too young to understand what cancer does to people and elsewhere shadows of grief and fear where it had already done its worst. I saw people, who thought they had already given all that they could, find new reserves of energy, hope, support, love, gratitude and sheer bloodymindedness to get them through and continue trudging onwards to the finish.

While you were sleeping, I was walking. My low point was surprisingly early on, when my muscles started to ache at 8 miles and I was seriously considering changing to the half marathon route instead of completing the full marathon. Luckily, the aches didn’t get worse and I enjoyed the second half of the route more than the first; partly because the sun came up,  mostly as a result of the crowds of walkers finally thinning out and enabling us to walk at our chosen pace. My highlight was walking across Tower Bridge at around 21 miles, when the sun had come up and the views across London were spectacularly glorious. What a fantastic reminder that to walk a marathon throughout the night is a privilege, an honour to be sufficiently healthy and well to raise money for those brave and amazing individuals who aren’t.

While you have been going about your day, I’ve been catching up on some much-needed sleep! My legs ache, my feet are a little sore, but I am immensely proud and pleased with how it went…and more than a little relieved to have completed it!

Huge thanks to those who have already donated. If you haven’t yet and would like to, my sponsorship page is here. The team is chuffed to bits that we have already raised over £5,000, which will makae a huge difference.

Thank you!

8 Responses to "While You Were Sleeping…."

Oh Alison, we’re all so proud of you! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings about the little yet such special elements that made this whole event a truly remarkable event. God bless. xx

What a wonderfully lovely comment Bina, thanks so much xx

Beautifully put. Harrietx

Great achievement Alison, it’s one thing debating having a go at these things but quite another actually getting out there in the middle of the night and doing it! Sounds like it was an extremely memorable event…

Thanks Johanna it was tough but I’m so glad I did it x

That’s incredible Alison – proud to know you!

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