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Day 45: Keep On

Posted on: January 14, 2013

45 v 2

This is the very last post of what started out as a series of advent blogs on reflections and resolutions and has joyfully extended into the New Year, far exceeding my expectations of contributions. This blog post is mine.

I started 2012 still feeling quite bruised and battered from 2011: professionally it had been hugely tough, as I was managing a difficult integration, with seemingly endless thorny issues at a relentless and unforgiving pace. Between the demands of work and home, I felt spent and had started to lose sight, albeit temporarily, of the real me, outside of the roles of HR Director, mum and wife.

On the surface, 2012 had the potential to continue much in the same vein; whilst my work environment gradually became calmer and less chaotic, it remained challenging, in common with pretty much everyone else’s. Certainly, what little optimism existed at the beginning of 2012 for it being markedly different from the previous year, dissipated within weeks, if not days, of January. Without doubt, there have been some very difficult and at times painful lessons learned at work this year. The fact is though, in spite of this, that I feel very different as 2013 begins, than I did at this time last year.

The biggest change for me this year has been saying yes to some things that I would have previously never considered doing. Training for the Moonwalk in Edinburgh gave me a huge amount of confidence in my own ability to take on a physical challenge and brought to the fore qualities of determination, discipline, bloody minded stubbornness and focus, which I have always had, but had perhaps lain dormant or forgotten. Learning to run and completing my first half marathon has genuinely been quite transformational for me and has given me a huge sense of pride and achievement.  I’m not competing with anyone, only myself – but I love the sense of pushing myself to achieve more than I thought was possible and confounding my own sense of limitations. I am starting to understand the power of my own internal monologue…that little voice that whispers that I can’t do it, that it’s too much or too difficult; when to listen to it and when it should be ignored.

Another familiar refrain that often bounces around in my head (sometimes at a shrill and slightly panicked pitch!) is that there is So. Much. To. Do!! Of course this is true; between work and home, running and walking, seeing friends and family and making time for everything that matters. But how lucky am I that I have a job that I love and that challenges me; that I have a lovely husband and two beautiful daughters who depend on me; that I have a warm and comfortable home that requires attention; that I am healthy and well enough to take on physical challenges and run until my body starts creaking; that I have special friends who I value and want to spend time with?!

So my resolutions, such as they are, are reassuringly vague and based on nurturing what I have started in 2012. To keep exercising; to keep believing that I can do things rather than being fooled into thinking that I can’t; to keep remembering that I am lucky to have such a busy, full, loved life; to keep on cherishing what I hold dear and to keep remembering what is important and what makes my heart sing. To keep on keeping on. That sounds pretty good to me.

Wishing you much joy, peace and happiness for 2013.

12 Responses to "Day 45: Keep On"


I am sure I am not alone in just wanting to say thank you for such a rich and diverse series. Often amusing, routinely informative and occasionally viscerally moving.

Briefly for once 🙂


Thank you – I appreciate your support hugely x

Yes, thank you for the longest advent calendar ever known Alison.

You’re most welcome, I’ve enjoyed it too. Longest advent ever 🙂

Such tenacity and honesty. As I’ve said before, to me, you are power, beauty and truth personified. Keep on keeping – love that Alison. Here’s to you and 2013 riding the waves together.

Thanks for a superb series.


The lovely thing for me is, though you’ve said it before, this time I believe it more. I love how you see things and the way in which you offer support, integrity and liberal sprinkling of fairy dust x

Thank you for your advent blogs. I have laughed, learnt and reflected to different degrees in each and every one. Your ‘So. Much. To. Do’ has been much appreciated x

You’re really welcome, thanks for your contribution. To be honest, they’ve never really felt like work, more of a pleasurable past-time 🙂

Well done – I think you can safely say you won your curation badge 😉

There’s a curation badge?!! How exciting! *waits expectantly….* 😉

Your Advent (and now New Year) blogs have become a cherished part of the HR calendar. Such varied and wonderful posts – always thought provoking and engaging, even if at times challenging. They wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you!

Thanks Kate and thanks for your contribution to both series x

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