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Day 37: Hit Me!

Posted on: January 6, 2013


Today’s post is written by Karen Locking who tweets @EvolveBD and declares herself on her personal Twitter account as geeky, random, caring and proud…which I love the sound of! You can also check out her website here.


Hit me 2013, I’m ready!!!! 

Reflection – to start with I need to remind myself of the importance as it’s not something that comes naturally. Kolb and his learning cycle remind me how it’s not for fun, it’s not a waste of time and it cements the learning process. That being said, and that being known, why do I never seem to do it formally?

Which is why I signed up for this opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and plan for the year ahead … 2013 (where did that come from?!!?!). 2012 brought me some very important lessons that will not only help with next year but the rest of my life, what a year!!!

The first life lesson for me was money is not a key motivator of mine, it is obviously important but I cannot do something I don’t enjoy just to make some ££. I signed up to sell services that I had no interest in just to make a buck, what took place …. A Karen I wasn’t keen on! One that procrastinated, found excuses not act on recommendations and was only working at max 25%. And just for good measure, I tested this not once but twice this year (I wasn’t sure the first time round …. it could have been a one-off!) I signed up for a 6 month project just for another 6 months of a certain wage – result! Unhappy Karen! 

My second life lesson this year has been listening too much to others and not going with my instincts. I am venturing towards a new chapter in my life where I am self-employed for part of my working week, removing myself voluntarily from the comfort of my full-time trusted employer. The result from listening to some of the people who are contentedly comfortable – they have tried to bring me down, scare me and keep me comfortable. Encouragement and excitement from some – fear, panic and disillusionment from others. The fears from some I have let get to me and momentarily killed my mojo! I have learnt from exploring these conversations some of the fear and disillusionment has been more around the individuals delivering it than about what I’m doing and my journey. So this years life lesson on listening – only trusted content people for me, if someone happy in their life tells me there’s a potential I’m doing something too risky I’ll believe it more than someone who’s stuck with vanilla ice cream all their life and never gone to the other sections of the neapolitan! 

So the value in this blog for you and my resolutions for the year:

Engage in experiences you’re not sure of and see if they work for you. If they do – whoop :)!  If they don’t, take note and see how they can help the next experience or opportunity that comes along.

Listening – valuable when undertaken correctly, even more important when the person you’re listening to has no hidden or unknown agendas…. Find the unbiased advisors and feedback givers before acting on the information you’ve heard.

Hit me 2013…I’m ready!

1 Response to "Day 37: Hit Me!"

When I see ‘Hit Me!’ I instinctively think of Ian Dury at his most energetic. I find that thought uplifting – hope you do too )

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