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Day 28: Drawing Guns and Being Resolute

Posted on: December 28, 2012


Today’s post is crafted by the wonderful Natasha Stallard, who brightens and inspires my timeline and leaves a trail of sparkly fairy dust wherever she goes. You can find her on Twitter @StirTheSource or over at her website.


Huge thanks to Alison Chisnell for creating and hosting another round of #adventblogs – a totally unmissable event in my calendar.

For this series of Reflections and Resolutions, I have taken artistic licence to the extreme in a 2-part post – entitled Drawing Guns and Being Resolute

Drawing Guns – Reflections

What you reflect, I see in me
The good, the bad and the ugly (*draws guns*)
As we bring this year to a close,
What sort of things could bring remedy or dose?

A response from beyond rings out loud and clear,
Are you listening, are you ready to hear?
Walk a while, he says, breathe with the land,
Let’s see how she can help us understand.
I hear her speak a number of truths,
Her stillness, her honesty, brings everything close.

A desire to help can be a splendid thing,
But when it develops into ego what does it bring?
Check intentions take a moment to stop,
Beware those actions, which may result in a resounding “clop”
So dear ones, be free, give all that you can,
But notice when that ego draws you and me into its clan.

Being Resolute – Resolutions

When I’m stuck, music is my salvation. So, for the resolutions part of this post, I just wanted to share a piece of music written and performed by the beautiful Emeli Sande. For me it is spellbinding and reaches into parts of me that I don’t often share. It has helped me to become a little bit more resolute this year – firm in purpose and belief. I hope you can take a few moments to enjoy too. I wonder what it stirs in you?


2 Responses to "Day 28: Drawing Guns and Being Resolute"

Hello Natasha,

Superbly open and honest and the song is great – thanks for alerting me to this talent.

Stir away – I hope to attend the unconference next year.


Thanks for stopping by and for the beautiful comments Mr Rock, warmly appreciated! Looking forward to rocking out with you next year!


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