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Day 25: On Seeking Joy This Christmas

Posted on: December 25, 2012


Let me go no further without wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas! Whether you read this post on Christmas Day itself or at a later date, I wish you much joy, love and happiness in your celebrations.

Today’s post is an especially festive one by Julie Drybrough, who I have really enjoyed getting to know better over the last month or so on Twitter and through her post below. You can find her @fuschia_blue and over on her blog.


Seek and you shall find, I’m learning.  I have, in my time, sought out the worst in situations. I’m Scottish. I can do a mean “we’re doomed” when required and successfully in get myself into a right old tangle in the process.

And old habits do die hard, but I have been practicing being kinder to myself this year (sort of… turns out it’s not wholly straightforward. Did catch myself mentally yelling “oh For Gods Sake Just Be Kinder To Yourself” back in September…oh the irony) and part of that kindness has been to seek out joy where it comes…

2012 has been a year of learning for me, personally and professionally. Biggest symbol of learning was beginning an MSc in Organisational Change at Ashridge – something which has both brought joy & head scratching to my life in spades. But there have been other learnings: Starting to blog in April; finding a voice on twitter. Re jigging the whole fuchsiablue website so it actually sounds more like me;  meeting good Twitterati like @changecontinuum @Stirthesource @od_optimist. I re-learned the value of good, long term friendships, and the sheer joy of hanging out with my family.

2013 holds the possibility of me taking up space in the world of dialogue and running workshops on how to get folk talking better – a space I have longed to be in – it holds a dissertation and hopefully a graduation. Bring on the Year of the Snake, I say….

There has been much learning. Much reflection… it’s been a mad, challenging, heart wrenching, heart lifting year…and before it ends there is this:

Ways I’m going to seek Joy this Christmas

I’m going to decorate our house with paper chains and fairy lights and make it warm and welcoming on dark winter nights.

I’m going to make sure we have good food and booze in for visitors.

I’m going to call people and see people and enjoy being on holiday.

I’m going to drink at least two glasses of very lovely, chilled Lanson Black Label on Christmas day as I prep lunch.  I will banish all bodies from the kitchen, put on Christmas tunes and my once-a-year only apron and I will cook up a storm for people I love and treasure.  I will serve this with very good wine.

I’m going to sing Silent Night and pretend I remember the words in German.

I’m going to stomp happily through Edinburgh streets in the twilight and darkness, wrapped up in layers and layers, people watching and enjoying the lights and the atmosphere.

I’m going to put antlers on the dogs.

I’m going to drink too much and gossip too much a few times, I suspect.

I’m going to watch Love Actually on the couch one afternoon and cry when Andrew Lincoln stands with a board outside Kiera Knightley’s door that says “To me you are perfect”

I’m going to smile in the supermarket, even though it will be heaving and folk will be stressed. I don’t have to join them. And yes, I might even be a Bit Smug about it…. I never claimed to be perfect.

I’m going to buy gifts I hope people love… and do my homework so my nieces & nephews get good stuff from us.

I’m going to sit with my mum and chatter to her about Christmas until her dementia fog clears for a few moments and she laughs with me.

I’m going to hope for snow.

I’m going to buy my Dad his annual Scotch Malt Whiskey Membership and he’ll act surprised and that will make me randomly happy.

I’m going to forget to post Christmas cards and be late in sending gifts and I’ll doubtless break glasses and under-cook the veg. I’ll forgive myself for these things.

I’ll burn more candles than Methuselah’s birthday cake.

I’ll switch off my phone for a few days.

And when it is all over?  Well then it’s Hogmany…..

Thanks to Alison for the space and time for reflection & resolution. Merry Christmas to all.

2 Responses to "Day 25: On Seeking Joy This Christmas"

Lanson Black Label sounds much better than Carling ! Happy Chrstmas 🙂

Stille nacht, hielige nacht, that’s all I got on that front. The world of dialogue is huge fun, it’s what I do and I can’t wait to see you there. I’m also very excited to be meeting you next week. Meantime – a great post, thanks.

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