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Day 20: Life Begins…

Posted on: December 20, 2012

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Today’s post is by @OlMoore, back on Twitter after a long break away from it…and it is lovely to have him back!


I have two older brothers, seldom do they provide pearls of wisdom or guidance on what it means to be a grown up in this age.

But once my eldest brother did land a rather prophetic statement on me.  

“Life starts at 28; your whole world will change for the better, things will become clearer, your path will be set.”

2012 was my 28th year and it was one on an epic scale.

And boy was it needed; the end of 2011 saw me surviving my own personal credit crunch, escaping a difficult work situation for something with more potential, love also began to bounce around for the first time in a long time.

My professional life certainly took an upward turn at the beginning of the year, new horizons appeared, new opportunities to learn and to develop – all be it I only realised this far later in the year. That said it took a nose dive for most of the year but recovery is on the way and despite some quiet evenings pondering what could have been and where my career had gone there are now goals in place to achieve what I want to achieve.

I put myself on a social media hiatus to focus on things that are important in the real world – namely my wife, daughter and step-son.

Yup, you read that right, my wife. You see the most epic moment of 2012 for me was falling in love, and proposing on my wife-to-be’s birthday surrounded by friends, family and with a New York cheesecake in my hand, standing by my faith and arranging a wedding for under £750.

I fell in love quickly and wonderfully, my daughter and her son began to grow together and play and argue and act just like siblings who had never been apart.

I have had to learn what it’s like to be a fulltime Dad again and also what it means to be a husband – a new position for me. And despite having to stop writing this blog 3 times to go tell a small person to “shhh” and it is far too late to be awake, I am very much enjoying being husband, a step-dad and the best away-dad I can be for my little girl.

I have 2 cats (I’m allowed a puppy after 6 years of marriage so the boss tells me) having never been a ‘cat-person.’ My dinner tonight was Chicken Goulash with rice, freshly made and prepared at home. Rather than the micro-wave meals I lived off 12 months ago.

All be it leaving some stuff out, that is in essence my 2012, in that time I have also gone “teetotal” (5 year olds don’t appreciate the need for a rest with a hangover, however slight, and apparently neither do wives). Gone back on to Twitter (not Facebook), attempted to grow a beard, given up and gone for a goatee, given up and gone for some fluff on my chin and a pencil moustache. Bought my dream car and sat dismayed as this beautifully designed soulful Italian legend has failed time and time again. (For those petrol heads out there it’s an Alfa Romeo).

The point to all this – Alison’s theme for the advent blogs, reflections and resolutions, I started this blog reviewing my professional life.

The rest is about my family – that’s the reflection and the resolution. My professional life isn’t that important and it isn’t to take any precedent over family. My brother was right, life starts at 28 and I am very much looking forward to the next 12 months and the next 28 years watching my kids grow and enjoying the trials and the triumphs with my Mrs Moore.

No bonus or promotion will ever beat your daughter giving her little step-brother a homemade calendar which states he is the best little brother ever.

1 Response to "Day 20: Life Begins…"

Congratulations. A lovely story, I thought for a second you were going to say Cat Goulash though!

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