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Day 17: All Change

Posted on: December 17, 2012


Today’s post is written by Margaret Burnside, or @MargaretBurnsid as I usually think of her! As with a lot of people, Margaret has seen huge change this year on pretty much every front.


2012 has been a year of change, personally and professionally…

The big change came half way through the year when, after 24 years of working for myself (one way or another!) I had the opportunity to consider being employed again. This was the first job to seriously tempt me out of self-employment for a long time. I loved my flexibility, independence, my long-standing customer relationships, working from home; in short freedom to choose when I worked, what I worked on, who I worked with and which tools (gadgets) would best help me do the job. How would I make the transition? The opportunity cropped up in a week when my husband and I had taken a spontaneous day off to go to the beach with the dog – magical! So, when discussing it with my husband and said ‘what about the chance to take a day off and just go to the beach like we did this week?’ His response was ‘… and how often do we actually do that?’

So what else would I miss? Lots of travel and time away from home? No! Working evenings and weekends to keep up in the extremely busy periods? No. Uncertainty about when invoices would be paid? No. Having to keep an eye on the ‘phone and e-mails on holiday and days off? No. Perhaps there was something to consider here …

I took the plunge, made the call, had the interviews, did the aptitude (!) and psychometric tests and then waited for the results … The powerful, positive feelings and real excitement I felt when offered the job told me all I needed to know about whether it was the right thing or not.

I’ve adjusted very quickly to my employed status; I have a lot of freedom to shape my work and do all the things I love doing with L&D; I have enjoyed having a great team around me to help make things happen; I’ve had some early successes to build my confidence; I’ve struggled to take all my paid holiday this year; I love my 32 minute commute; I’ve been able to keep working with some of my favourite customers; I’ve even been able to adjust to working with PCs and Microsoft again after converting to Apple Macs and I particularly love being home most evenings to eat with the family and even go out for a dog walk after dinner!

A big highlight in the year whilst making THE decision was an unexpected night out in London with some of my Twitter friends, meeting @onatrainagain @PlainTalkingHR @MrsDurbs @AlisonChisnell and seeing @StirTheSource again. It was a lovely, life-affirming, fun, supportive and giggly, girly night and gave me a great space to talk through my fears, hopes and concerns about being employed. Thank you.

So what does 2013 hold? Some great work projects and product development ideas, a visit from my brother, his wife and their two gorgeous boys from Australia, more paid holiday and evenings and weekends to enjoy! We’ve also been able to use my regular and predictable income to remortgage and spend some money on the house we’ve been trying to sell for the last year, giving us a chance to fall in love with it all over again! So, for the first time in quite a few years I’m going to have a life… (the closest thing to a resolution I’ll commit to!)

7 Responses to "Day 17: All Change"

Dear Margaret,

You have encapsulated the best of both worlds in your post and yes, it was a wonderful girlie Tweetup on that warm summer evening! Wishing you all the best for the future!

Bina. Xx

I’ve done the opposite to you Margaret for similar reasons. Isn’t it funny how life works out..? Great story here and made me smile whilst reading. Lovely writing style. Thanks for sharing it. Continued goof fortune for 2013.

I have enjoyed reading this article, and it just shows you, there is never a right or wrong answer to self-employed or employed. It’s all about what’s practical and feasible for you at the time. Enjoy the new chapter in your life.

Nicely said, Mags. We all make the decisions that are right for us at the time they present themselves, and your story most certainly verifies that. Glad to hear 2013 is looking like it will bring a host of other opportunities not to be missed 🙂

I’ve heard this story a lot recently from people who have decided to re-enter employment after years of independence.

Thanks for lovely comments and observations …

One more day to go then off for over 2 weeks – all that paid holiday to use up! 😉

Happy Christmas everyone!

Thanks for sharing this experience. Never say never eh…

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