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Day 16: Eureka!

Posted on: December 16, 2012


Today’s post is written by one of my ‘new-ish’ HR work colleagues, David Marten. You can find him on Twitter @DavidMarten and who knows, perhaps as a result of this, he will be setting up his own blog too…I hope so :).


I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, as every now and then I have random thoughts on HR and I wonder if others are thinking the same thing as me, and if they aren’t, what could I learn from their different ideas and theories? One thing, that I have been thinking about more recently, is reflection and so, when Alison brought this up as her topic of this year’s advent calendar, I knew I had to go ahead and give it a try.

I don’t know about you, but it sometimes happens to me; that odd occasion where you are listening to a conversation or sat in a meeting and a word or phrase is mentioned that sparks an idea in you.
That firework that goes off in your brain of a vision which you think will help your business grow, or will develop your area of work, which has not been thought of before.

I had one of those recently. I can remember the feeling that it was a great idea – a Eureka moment that would change the whole of mankind for the better (well, that’s exaggerating it quite a bit!). But then I moved on and went back to the emails that needed answering and onto my next meeting. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t done that and stopped to think more about that thought and what my next steps would have been?

It made me consider though my time studying for my CIPD qualification and how the lecturers encouraged us to reflect as a HR practitioner. My student colleagues and I laughed at that concept, saying ‘when do I have time to reflect?’ as it was such an odd concept to us. We are all busy people and sometimes the last thing we feel we have time for is to take time out and look at the big picture and how we fit into it.

But as we grow as HR professionals, I think it becomes more important and essential for us to do this.
It will allow us to look at the grander scheme, to become drivers for change and to help us grow as HR professionals. Reflection makes us stop what we are doing and take that moment to wonder why we are doing this and what it all means. Just speaking to some of my colleagues and friends on the topic, I can see how reflection has helped them at home and at work at getting through things and turning problems into challenges.

HR is also being asked more and more to be part of the essential business plan and one of the leadership team – to ‘add value’ and to be a Business Partner of sorts. I believe when we are able to reflect, it will allow us to grow as individuals and make us go on to make better choices. Until we can learn to look at ourselves and see how much potential we possess, we will never be able to unleash it and become what we truly can be.

So, is one way to do this to take time out of the everday and reflect? I believe it is and I can’t emphasise enough the importance for us to reflect in our working lives as well as outside of work.

Also it will make more of those Eureka moments become a reality in the workplace!

So I will leave you with a challenge to reflect on how you reflect at the moment and to see if it is something you can start to do without even realising you are.

1 Response to "Day 16: Eureka!"

Your point about the big picture is well made. Fail to see that and you never really understand why you’re doing what you are doing, how does it fit in?

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