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Day 14: Too Many Biscuits?

Posted on: December 14, 2012


Today’s post is written by Paula, a very good friend of mine.  Part of the same post-natal group (two senior HR people in a group of 10 new mums, what are the odds of that?!), we have watched our children grow together and forged a wonderful and lasting friendship along the way.  I do also feel obliged to point out that I have never witnessed this biscuit scoffing…but I shall definitely be watching more closely from now on….!  I haven’t yet convinced Paula of the joys of Twitter…although she can theoretically be found at @pleach1…so you never know!


I eat too many biscuits … there, I said it.  I really do.  I know it’s not exactly AA, but I do tell myself I am buying them for the children and my husband, but I realise that mostly it really is me eating them.  And not just a couple at a time, but a good few – well ‘a little of what you fancy’ … ‘ you only live once’ … right?

It is totally FACT:  We do really only live once (unless you are James Bond … or a cat).  It’s a sobering question – not made any easier for me as we leave 2012 and enter 2013 with my impending 40th next year … half way through! 

So it’s the Christmas season and there he is, John Lennon on the radio:  ‘And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?  Another year over.  A new one just begun ….’.  Yes, Yes John – we all know we need to be reflecting!  We probably haven’t done as much as we should in 2012 and we need to consciously make choices about how we life the best life we can for ourselves and for others – thanks Mr Lennon for reminding us ….. perhaps the radio could just play your Beatles band mate Sir Paul M instead??!!! (‘Simply having a wonderful christmas time’ … no philosophical soul searching there then …).  We could all have a good sing song and forget about these difficult questions.  (But then I may need to contemplate the reflection that Sir Paul had just a bit too much exposure during the Olympics and Jubilee this year …)

But you know – really we do all have this responsibility and it is our responsibility alone – no one else however dear to you, will make those choices that will make the most of your life! 

My feeling is that everything in life has to be about balance.  Ying and yang, the see-saw …. But achieving this balance across everything is challenging (and at times completely impossible!)  When you have children – how much do you influence their destiny versus enabling them the freedom to explore and create?  What is non-negotiable and what is fascinating to watch them decide?  I have a feeling as my children start to grow up that this is only going to get harder …!  Work and professional life?  Masses of material about balance here – working time … chasing fulfilment versus manageable ‘safety’  but knowing you can achieve more?  Huge decisions ahead for me in 2012 on that front.  Relationships? How much do you give of yourself to others versus having ‘me time’ to re-charge?  It seems indulgent sometimes to even consider some sides of the balance – but then we only have one life don’t we?

And what about the balance of reflecting and thinking about these choices we make about living our best life, versus just getting on and living it?  Well – that’s an art in itself – but worth checking on now and again (note to self about my working life here!  Superb reflection in 2012 … time for action!).

As for me and the biscuits – obviously this is too indulgent …. But my balance on this occasion was that I was also doing the ‘Aspire Swim Challenge’ and swimming the distance of the English Channel in my local pool over 12 weeks for charity.  For Charity?  That was definitely worth the extra bourbon cream … although that one might have slightly tipped the balance.

Wishing a happy festive season and prosperous new year (with a balance of reflection and just living!) to all who read Alison’s amazing blog.  Go on …. as it’s Christmas just have another digestive and sing along if Sir Paul comes on!

4 Responses to "Day 14: Too Many Biscuits?"

Thank you Paula, a lovely blog on the balance of reflection and action. Sometimes life does not give you that choice. Love your love for biscuits, here’s to a biscuit barrel of happiness for you and yours for 2013. X

I must say I worried when I heard that Sir Paul was to front a revamped Nirvana tho’ 🙂

I can’t even buy biscuits….

What about the balance indeed? You say at times it is completely impossible. I agree. It is also, for me, a false positive. The energy expended in trying to stay in balance is wasteful. I prefer to try and flow, be present in what I am doing when I am doing it – and reminding myself (and having others remind me too sometimes) – that it’s time to focus on something different. We only have one life – try and flow through it. I loved reading your post thanks.

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