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Day 12: Life and Meaning

Posted on: December 12, 2012


The wonderful and (for me!) slightly daunting thing about these posts, is that they are generously offered up from people in every area of my life: work colleagues, social media acquaintances, strangers, friends and family. I deliberately havent asked a single person to contribute a post, but have been wholly overwhelmed by the wonderful response to this series. I have two older brothers and today’s post is written by my ‘biggest’ brother, Dave. Keeping it in the family indeed 🙂


Well, here’s the thing. At the beginning and end of every year there is a natural tendency to reflect on what we both have achieved and also what we want to achieve. “Another year over, and what have we done?” sang John Lennon in his Christmas song Happy Christmas (War is over).

How will I remember 2012? On a personal level, I will remember it as the loss of our dear Nan in June. She was a lovely lady but as Ali has already blogged about her, I will just say she lives on in our hearts and thoughts.

The Olympics already seem a lifetime away. Many of my police colleagues worked tirelessly with precious little rest between shifts to ensure the games ran smoothly, as did the Army, many of whom had no choice but to sacrifice time with loved ones for the greater good.

The world stands in an uncertain place. Austerity measures are biting and food-banks are in demand. Yet these things are cyclical. It will right itself, give it time.

I think it is important to have compassion for our fellow man…or woman. Sometimes a togetherness of spirit results from the harshest of circumstances.

When all is said and done we are all God’s children put on this Earth to find our way. Whether you find the meaning of life through religion, family, friends or elsewhere, I wish you all inner peace, happiness and a wonderful festive period and 2013

6 Responses to "Day 12: Life and Meaning"

Thank you Ali and Dave for this thought provoking, hard hitting yet sentimental personal look back on 2012. Very touching. Xx

‘It will right itself, given time’. Absolutely Dave, absolutely.

Beautiful tributes, reflection and thought Dave. Truly delightful to have a brother of Alisons here. Truly delightful. Wishing you & yours everything you wish for us too.

“When all is said and done we are all God’s children put on this Earth to find our way.” Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

A very hopeful post. I like people that have hope!

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