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Day 2: A Year of Immense Learning…

Posted on: December 2, 2012


Hello again! Day 2 of Advent and today’s post is from the rather brilliant Sukh Pabial, tweeter extraordinaire (@sukhpabial) and prolific and insightful blog writer over at Thinking About Learning. Sukh always brightens my Twitter timeline, and never fails to makes me smile.  As you will see from reading his post below, Sukh has had quite a year so far in 2012 and plenty to reflect on.


2012. Wow. This year was destined to be one where change was going to happen. I don’t really do resolutions as such – they’re just not something I’ve ever bothered with. I do set out ideals though, things that would be great if they happened in some form.

I started off the year wanting to help create something new and different for the L&D profession, and with the help of others L&D Connect happened. From there, things were only going to continue in that vein. It gave me the confidence to try to do something myself, and a workshop based on Positive Psychology was born.

I made a tough decision to leave work with no other role to move into. The four months it took me to find a new job taught me a lot about the recruitment industry. I wanted to test out the many theories of the best way to be a candidate in the social space. That helped me to see how through my own actions is it only possible to make things happen.

The summer was brilliant, simply because of the London 2012 Olympics. The level of bursting national pride I felt over the whole period was just awesome. I care about this country a lot, and loved being able to get to be part of the Games in different ways. It was just such a unique spectacle that I’m in awe of – for the athletes, the volunteers, and the Armed Forces who did an amazing job.

A new corner turned over that same period and I decided to launch my own business, which was ridiculous exciting. Now that it exists, I’ve given myself other things to consider about what the future might hold, and that’s pretty excellent.

We got to go on an awesome family holiday, which is probably the best holiday we’ve had to date, through amazing efforts of my wife’s planning! The kids continue to give me such pride and honour in being a father to them. My family rock, and are my strength.

And then there’s next year to consider at some point. Like I said, I don’t do resolutions. I have ideals, and I always keep them close to my heart.

Thanks Alison for a chance to allow me to look back and see what this year held.

2012. Wow.

2 Responses to "Day 2: A Year of Immense Learning…"

I love the expression ‘bursting national pride’ – it certainly was a very special time and I do hope that overwhelming sense of positivity and ‘we can do anything when we put our minds to it’ isn’t being lost

Thanks Graham, it was exactly how I felt over that period! I’m sure it won’t be lost, there seem to be lots of plans to make sure of that.

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