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Two Years!

Posted on: October 22, 2012

Today my blog is two years old. 

Two years, 130 posts, 29,409 views and 933 comments, including my own.

It seems pretty amazing really, I still remember how terrifying it was to press ‘publish’ for the first time, the rediscovered joy of writing regularly and finding my own voice. It’s been a source of real personal development, a great way of connecting with others and sharing  views and ideas. My personal highlight so far has been curating the Advent series of guest posts last December, which I loved doing.

These days I’m more ambivalent about blogging – I still enjoy it, but don’t feel the need to force the regularity of writing. I’m sure at some point I will stop entirely, but not yet…definitely not yet!

And the most read posts? The all-time top 10 are below…

With A Little Help From My Friends More stats 2,072
LinkedIn: 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Connect More stats 934
Do Reporting Lines Matter? More stats 882
Back to School More stats 622
A Little Less Conversation? More stats 621
My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked More stats 506
I’m Hiring…and Experimenting!                                                More stats 485
Why Are HR The Worst People Managers Of All? More stats 439
Day 12: Reflections of an HRD More stats 398
The Art of Conversation More stats 380

So, thank you for reading, for commenting, for sharing and for being a part of my first two years of blogging…I appreciate it hugely!

8 Responses to "Two Years!"

Happy Blog day! As a relatively new reader, I have enjoyed browsing through the back catalogue!

Thanks Meg, appreciate you popping by to comment

Happy Blogiversary. Milestones matter – keep on keepin’ on please 🙂

Aye aye captain Shaw…will do! Thank you x

Very many happy returns. Two years! Wow. Thank you for inspiring me.

Well, thank you…believe me, you have more than repaid the compliment on that score 🙂

[…] as the great Flora Marriott pointed out via Twitter, Alison Chisnell's The HR Juggler blog and Mervyn Dinnen's T Recs blog respectively enjoyed their second and third 'blogiversaries' […]

I wrote here a little while ago how I practised my blog by commenting on yours last year. I don’t think I knew i was doing that but it certainly worked out that way. Mine got going as direct result of that practise, in a very safe environment.

I was amazed and delighted to read that With a Little Help from My Friends was your most read blog. I remember that week clearly, I was in Plymouth, Minnesota, your post and Flora’s first were highlights of the week.

I have learned to enjoy how blogs ebb and flow with other aspects of our lives. 


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