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Posted on: October 7, 2012

Five months ago, I signed up to run a half marathon, even though I couldn’t run a mile

Four months ago, I power-walked a marathon in the Edinburgh Moonwalk

Three and a half months ago I started to learn to run, by using a Run 10k app and gradually increasing the ratio of running to walking

One month ago I ran my first 10k race and joined a running club

Yesterday, I ate my own body weight in pasta and drank a huge amount of water

Today I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon with 8 fantastic colleagues, finished in 2 hours 17 minutes and raised £760 for Tommy’s. It was scenic, it was tough, my hip hurt and at times I felt like I would never reach the finish line. Yet, the sense of achievement and pride is immense and I am hugely grateful and appreciative of all the off-line and online support I have received.

Today, I want to say thank you. For those who came out and cheered us on, for those who have encouraged me and given great advice, for those who have sponsored me, to everyone I have bored with running stories, worries and concerns. You’ve all helped so much more than you know.

Thank you!

High-fiving my daughter at mile 4

10 Responses to "Waiting For Today"

Well done!! Take it easy tomorrow….ouch x

thanks so much – legs a little sore, but better than I expected luckily!

I never doubted you wold finish. How fast you did it, though, was inspiring.

I’m not sure why I’d have ever expected anything else.

Well done Alison.

I loved seeing you en route – thanks so much for cheering me on and all the nutritional and sporty advice, before and after x

Brill photo! I am running one on the 28th, so this is very timely and inspirational – great time you ran it in too (which I have no hope of getting near!).

In short, well done!

Thank you – I never expected to be quite so quick either, so you never know! Good luck with yours x

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