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Silent Sigh, Pause for Thought

Posted on: March 14, 2012

I haven’t blogged in a little while. I haven’t blogged with anything approaching unconscious competence for even longer. I have had an unofficial blogging pause.

When I first started blogging, I felt that I had really found my voice, a rediscovered pleasure in articulating thoughts creatively in writing, a renewed confidence in performing my role and a sense of belonging in the wider HR community.

It’s tricky to put my finger on what has changed lately. A hugely enjoyable stint of guest posts during Advent inadvertently led to me temporarily losing the blogging habit and becoming fatigued with the daily discipline. A couple of posts published that I knew were below my best knocked my confidence a little. And perhaps more than anything else, a start to the year that felt as professionally tough as the one that had just ended.

But, wallowing is as overrated as it is ridiculous, so I’m back – refreshed and ready to write more frequently again. 

A pause to any activity is helpful in considering whether to continue, how you want to shape your contribution, what you value and miss about it. For me, blogging has always been one of the best ways I know of expressing my opinions, reflecting on my own development, values and priorities…and I do firmly believe that when I am regularly blogging I am better at my job, more self-aware, more creative and more energised.

So, that’s me, back in the blogging saddle, meatier posts to follow. Feels good already :).

P.S. Of course it’s half-full!

9 Responses to "Silent Sigh, Pause for Thought"

Good to have you back on the blogging horse Ali! x

Welcome back! You have been missed

I always say the glass is neither half empty, or half full. You merely need to find the right size glass (Engineers daughter!!). Great to have you back, you posts have been missed

A pause is as good as a rest Alison. I have recently moved on to doing interviews for my blog and I’m wondering how I will fit it all in with a job. I definitely need a pause but it does not look like I’ll get one ;-))

Great blog, and I wanted to share this video which is about my best friend, Linda Hopkin, who has terminal cancer. It’s called Glass half full, and it’s bloody marvelous (unfortunately, I also guest in it, but you’ll have to put up with that bit) – she’s amazing, inspiring, wonderful.

She is my daily inspiration, although she’s getting very frail now. Everyone should watch this when they think they’re having a bad day ……


Or you could do what I do and just bash out any old rubbish… 😉

Good to see you back again.

And she’s off! Look forward to reading more, WHEN you’re ready and raring to go.

Totally loved all of your comments – thanks so much!

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