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You Get What You Give

Posted on: January 29, 2012

I’m a firm believer that if you commit to doing something, you should do it properly and make the experience as great as it possibly can be. The more of yourself, of your time and your energy you put in; the more tangible results, satisfaction and sense of achievement you and others will get out of it.

So, having agreed to walk a marathon at night (and in my bra) as part of the Moonwalk 2012 team, I have spent much of this week buying some of the basic equipment required to start power-walking, planning how I am going to approach the training and beginning to fundraise. I am hugely grateful of everyone who has sponsored me so far, if you haven’t yet and have been meaning to, the link is here.

I’m very aware that what I have done so far is the easy bit – essentially shopping, starting to walk more and planning. It is not so much the walking that worries me as I am confident that I have plenty of time to build up my stamina and fitnes levels; I am already concerned though with how I will manage walking throughout the night in this way. I have never done anything like this before and I am certainly not a natural ‘night owl’…far from it!

I am keen to raise as much money as I possibly can for Walk The Walk, which is a grant-making charity, not only dedicated to raising funds for vital breast cancer causes but is also passionate about encouraging women and men to become fitter and healthier. I rather imagine I shall become fitter and healthier myself over the next 5 months ;).

I’ve got a few different ideas for fundraising and would love it if you would be able to support me in any of them –

  • I’m willing to open this blog up to advertising over the next 5 months, in return for a generous sponsorship donation. All money raised will go to Walk The Walk and the company logos will appear on the top right hand side of my blog, with a click through to your website
  • Would you like me to write a guest blog for you? Happy to do so, in return for some sponsorship!
  • I have been dabbling in writing children’s stories lately and if you know a little person who would like a short story written especially for them, complete with illustration, then let me know and let’s talk 🙂

Contact me on Twitter @AlisonChisnell, leave me a comment on the blog…I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in any of these options. I’d also love to hear about any fundraising ideas you have tried and what has worked really well.

As the lovely Doug Shaw will attest, what goes around, comes around…and you really do get what you give! I’m determined to put in as much effort and commitment to this challenge as I possibly can…and I would love it if you can help me along the way.


5 Responses to "You Get What You Give"

Hi Alison – as you know, I am taking part in the London Moonwalk so I have a little less time to get fitter and healthier… but like you, I am committed.

I’ve been going out with some of the mums twice a week for walks – we are up to 7 miles… a long way to go. I am going to have to step it up a bit in Feb! We have talked about a team weekend away to Bath as one of the mums has mapped out a 19 mile walk. The thinking is we can do that on the Saturday, a few cocktails that night and then a massage before coming home on Sunday. I am finding that this is my motivation right now – the massage, the weekend away from chores (and building work, as my kitchen extension should be well underway by then!).

I look forward to following your training, and hopefully we can share hints and tips along the way.

I encourage your blog readers to donate via your sponsorship page, or mine – I can send the link if anyone is interested. I work for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, one of the charities to have benefited from Walk the Walk in the past – we really are grateful for any donations 🙂


Thanks so much for commenting and I love hearing about your team’s progress – what a brilliant idea re Bath!

Sarah’s fundraising page is here

I actually did some temping at Walk the Walk’s Woking office many moons ago long before I got into recruitment and HR. Nice bunch of people; a bit odd to find the two combined in an article! Anyway, best of luck.

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