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Posted on: January 24, 2012

This month so far I have either undertaken, or committed to, two activities that I have never previously done. Saying yes and trying new things has been liberating and empowering and I intend to do more of both as the year progresses.

So what are they? First up, I have been dabbling in creative writing, specifically writing children’s stories. I have loved the process of creating characters, plots, storylines and trying my hand at illustrations…it has been wonderful escapism! My first story is mostly finished, bar a little editing, and I intend to write at least one more in the near future. There is no commercial intent here, merely the sheer joy of creating something for its own sake. Once completely finished, I will be printing it off in book format for my daughters to keep.

I’ve learnt a lot from doing this too: the discipline required to finish the story, the importance of plot (I really ought to have been clearer in my head about this before I started writing it!) and the real pleasure of rediscovering something that I had not attempted since I was at school.

If you are interested, or even just mildly curious, then you can check out the Princess and The Dragon in full here.

The second activity is a commitment that I have made to undertake the Moonwalk 2012 in Edinburgh as part of a team from my organisation. I will be joining an amazing group of women in walking 26 miles throughout the night, all of us wearing our bras, to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities. I am not a particularly sporty person and have never done anything like this before…but it is a cause that is close to my heart, as both of my grandmothers had breast cancer in their middle age and survived it, at a time when many did not. For this I am truly grateful and I will walk for them, for my Mum, for me and for my daughters.

I am both excited and nervous at the thought of undertaking a marathon, albeit power-walking one rather than actually running it! I would obviously love it if you would consider sponsoring me and you can find my team’s fundraising page here.

I wrote my final post of 2011 acutely aware that I wanted to do at least one amazing thing in 2012…just over half way through January and I now feel certain that I will achieve at least two 🙂

Go on…do something amazing…it feels great!

5 Responses to "Do Something…"

Fabulous to read that you are embarking on some new ventures. Taking on new challenges, stretching oneself…can be hard work but the rewards are great and often transformational.
Great to see that you have reconnected with one of your passions (have you thought about converting it into an e-book and adding some more illustrations?)
Good luck with the training. Did the Moonwalk some years ago. It was a memorable experience. The buzz, energy, connectedness…is amazing and if the weather is good watch the sun coming up the horizon – transcendental

Thanks so much Vera. Yes, I’ll definitely be adding more illustrations, aiming for one pet chapter.

It’s really great to hear about your positive experience of doing the moonwalk. I hadn’t thought about the sunrise, but that is definitely something to look forward to and focus on :).

Do you do your own illustrations? Very impressive.
I try and take part in a different physical challenge every year and cajole my friends to join in!
It’s a great way of deepen relationships and connections with people especially when you share the pain and blisters!
Love to see a picture of your bra when you have decorated it!

Good luck with the walk Alison – great cause. Claire

Thank you! Will keep you posted.

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