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Day 8: Merry Christmas…A Hindu Perspective

Posted on: December 8, 2011


Today’s wonderfully festive post is written by Bina Briggs and offers a wholly different perspective on Christmas. It is a pleasure to connect regularly with Bina on Twitter and I am always struck by her kindness, humility, wisdom and her willingness to engage in conversation and support others. You can find her to at @PlainTalkingHR and over at her website.

Christmas was just something that happened in other parts of the world, until I was given a box of chocolates by a work colleague on my very first Christmas in the UK, after being in the country for 2 months.

That year we didn’t celebrate Christmas at home because we didn’t anyway, but were just amazed by everything that was going on around us!

The following year, Mum, my sister and I were drawn into this whole Christmas thing of celebrations at our respective places of work for Mum and me and at school for my young sister. So it was almost natural for us to have a small tinsel Christmas tree in our rented rooms and buy small presents for each other and watch the Queen on the TV on Christmas day!

Thus began our/my love for Christmas and everything to do with it and have never looked back! I love the glamour, the glitter, buying presents, decorations, the music, the food and most of all, spending and sharing the time with my work colleagues, friends, neighbours, family and the loved ones! Have you noticed how everyone is in such a good mood, well, almost everyone!

Christmas to me is far more than all the glitter and glamour; it is about being with your family and friends in this feeling of oneness, celebrating together the joy of being alive.

So why is it frowned upon, put down by so many politically correct people? Isn’t this a Christian land? Why should it offend anyone who has been lucky enough to call this home, live here and earn a living, have the freedom to bring up their families, in whatever religion and culture they have been brought up in?

As a Hindu living in the UK my life is richer for having the choice and freedom to celebrate my own and any religious festival I want to celebrate, which as a matter of fact I do! 

So from a Hindu woman, married to an Englishman (who leaves the Christmas arrangements to me!), Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Loving and a Prosperous New Year! xx



6 Responses to "Day 8: Merry Christmas…A Hindu Perspective"

A great message, well put. Let’s celebrate each others festivals rather than take a narrow view of things. This is true diversity.


+1 – nice post Bina, nice follow up Peter – great hosting Alison

Bina – what a refreshing post! I also love Christmas, but then I find traditions really important – some you’re brought up with and some you adopt along the way. So a very merry Christmas to you : )

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