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Don’t Stop Talking

Posted on: November 17, 2011



Communication…however much we think we are doing of it, we almost always need to do more. I had a powerful reminder this week that its very easy for leaders to become out of touch with what their teams are thinking and feeling. And that if left unaddressed, some of the small issues can quickly become magnified.

Talking about the issues doesn’t always solve them..but it’s often the first step for jointly agreeing how to make things better. Building trust takes time and communication takes perseverance, to get past the point where people are able to be open and honest with you, rather than telling you what they believe that you want to hear.

So let’s remember not to stop talking, even when it feels difficult. And even more importantly to carry on listening, even and especially when we are only hearing part of the story.

What have you been reminded to do more (or less!) of this week?


2 Responses to "Don’t Stop Talking"

I can relate to your post on so many levels.

I believe that developing good communication skills is critical for HR professionals and anyone in a leadership role.

Thanks Ade. Agree with you completely.

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