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My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked

Posted on: June 22, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I had my first Twitter birthday – I first signed up and started tweeting on 9th June 2010, following a suggestion from my boss over lunch one day. So, what have I learnt during this time?

  • It’s all about connections. Tweeting into empty cyberspace is pointless, twitter only becomes enjoyable when you start following people who have common interests or who you are interested in. Common ways to find those connections are through hashtags eg #connectinghr and recommendations of others, although I’m sure there are some more sophisticated search tools too
  • It’s the quality of connections that count, not the number. Connect with and follow people you like; if they start to annoy you, unfollow them. Don’t feel obliged to follow back
  • People on Twitter are in general hugely helpful and friendly – many people share their professional expertise once they ‘know’ you
  • Don’t over-think your tweets – you get out of it what you put in, so don’t be afraid to interact. People will think you a little odd if you don’t tweet at all – no one likes lurkers!
  • It’s a conversation, don’t try to catch up on everything you’ve missed whilst you were ‘out of the room’, just pick up where you left off
  • Never forget that Twitter is in the public domain, so unless you lock your tweets or are completely anonymous, tweet with care
  • People on Twitter often meet up in real life (‘tweet ups’) and the connections you make can lead to real friendships and strong professional networks
  • It’s a huge source of professional support and networking
  • Twitter is a great source of information, breaking news and fantastic blogs
And the questions? From people who are not on Twitter or who don’t ‘get’ it, they are almost always the same…
  1. How do you find the time?
  2. Do you follow celebrities?
  3. But what do you find to say?
To which the answers are –
  1. Easily – do you really never have any downtime?
  2. No, I genuinely find my real life connections more interesting
  3. PLENTY!!!!
What else have you learnt about Twitter? And what questions are you frequently asked? Do tell 😉

10 Responses to "My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked"

Happy Twitt’Anniversary 🙂

Yep, happy anniversary indeed. I’ve learned to go with the flow and it’s ok to chip in to other conversations. That is something that twitter folk seem to be much more ok with compared to real people 🙂

Happy birthday indeed! Alison, I’m no expert, but think you’ve got everything down perfectly here. I echo every one of your learnings – and questions! I too have found Twitter an invaluable source of professional help (career, not mental!) and it has greatly enriched my professional life with news, advice, help, support and friendships. Here’s to another year of tweets! 🙂

Happy birthday!

Great topic and one that hopefully we can continue to progress (the questions that is) this year and into next.


Great blog. I did used to feel a bit embarrassed jumping into conversations from a few hours before (can’t always get on during the day) but most tweeters appreciate your input. And I love reading other people’s blogs – there thought process and opinions, I believe, makes you a more open minded professional.

Happy twitter-birthday!

“It’s the quality of connections that count, not the number” – I couldn’t agree more.

Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your first year of tweeting with us. One of the things I’ve learned from tweeting & blogging is that you meet like-minded people … people that want to share, to communicate, have useful things to say, are supportive and say make you laugh. I wouldn’t be without it.

PS I hope you didn’t eat ALL that cake!

[…] My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked […]

[…] My First Year on Twitter: Lessons Learned And Questions Asked […]

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