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A Few of My Favourite Blogs

Posted on: June 20, 2011

One of the things I enjoy most about being on Twitter is the number of thought-provoking, current, informative, funny and entertaining blogs I regularly read. Of course, there is no need to be on Twitter to access these; however the comments and sharing of links remind me to check for updates and points me towards the latest posts, as well as leading me to discover ‘new’ blogs. There are some blogs that I come back to again and again and always read, others that I dip in and out of depending on the topic.

The list of my favourites is by no means exhaustive and is only very loosely grouped for ease of reference. I have only included blogs that are regularly updated and have posted within the last month (although I love some of the more sporadic bloggers too!) and for the most part have excluded those that are promoting businesses. But these are some of the blogs that I really do love to read –

HR/Generalist Blogs

  • Neil Morrison’s Change-Effect: a thought-provoking, at times provocative and always articulate discussion of some of the big organisational HR issues around at the moment
  • Doug Shaw’s What Goes Around Refreshing, innovative, passionate and thought-provoking…sometimes even with music too 🙂
  • Emma (@onatrainagain) who has recently moved her excellent blog to My Blog, My Rules (check out her old blog here)
  • Kevin Ball’s People Matters A brilliant and talented writer about leadership, people and HR, I will buy his book when he finally writes one!
  • Karen Wise has a different kind of HR  experience to me, mostly working in the NHS, and her blog is both insightful and entertaining
  • Rick’s Flip Chart Fairy Tales is not just HR (sometimes not HR at all!), but also a mix of politics, current affairs and occasionally poetry. His incredibly well-researched articles are fantastic at simplifying and demystifing complicated issues

Learning & Development/Coaching

  • Sukh Pabial’s Thinking About Learning Insightful, intelligent and often highly informative on all things learning and development and occupational psychology…and a good deal more besides
  • Rob Jones Masters or Bust blogs about his masters degree, leadership and development and addresses some really thought-provoking issues
  • Christine Livingstone A Different Kind of Work Another hugely talented writer who addresses work/life balance and creates some fantastic blog posts to inspire, challenge and debate


  • Katie McNab’s RecruitGal Blog is a great read for her insight into the recruitment industry
  • Mervyn Dinnen T Recs blogs not only about recruitment but about social media in general, often with some very cool accompanying music videos
  • Gary Franklin has a huge amount of interesting things to say about recruitment, work, customer service and lots of other things besides


  • Jane Blackmore’s hilarious Northern Mummy with Southern Children just has me in stitches most of the time…except for when she makes me cry with some of her more touching posts.
  • Keith’s Reluctant House Dad blog narrates his role-swap with his wife, who is now the main bread-winner. Funny, relevant and entertaining.
  • Rob Harrison’s Thinking Fox deals with divorce, parenting, the critical role of Dads and many other topics in an excellent blog
  • SpeccyWoo’s Straightforwardly Me is random, entertaining and funny.  I particularly enjoy the insights into his domestic bliss 🙂
  • Mel Buckenham’s Random Lightbulb Moments is a great read and never fails to cheer me up and more often than not, make me laugh out loud.
There are also lots of non-UK HR blogs I enjoy reading…perhaps a post for another time 😉
I’d love to hear about your favourite blogs…the only rule is that you’re not allowed to nominate your own!

7 Responses to "A Few of My Favourite Blogs"

You’ve done it again. A perfect, punchy summary that is elegant and useful.

Promptly stored in my read it again file so I can resent my newspaper subscription in the morning 🙂

Aw. Thanks alison. And some great ones on there, nice company to be in.

Such a good round up of blogs, and am very appreciative I’m there too. Thanks 🙂

I’d add to the mix – yours! I enjoy hearing what you have to say about the world of work and things that happen on a day to day basis that make you reflect on what’s going on around us.

Additionally, Messeurs Gareth Jones ( and Callum Saunders ( are also enjoyable bloggers. I like Gareth’s thinking and he often provokes a thought or several that you just have so spend more time pondering over. And Callum really enjoys all things Marketing and Social Media which I find both personally interesting and professionally relevant.

tra la laaaa – thanks so much for the namecheck – I appreciate it. I’d like to add a couple more into the mix:

Tom Fishburne writes and draws marketooning – simply brilliant!

Matt Chevy writes Life Without Pants. Matt is a young entrepreneur who I’m so pleased to know. He writes cool stuff and is a great collaborator – I’ve been fortunate to join in a couple of his projects, including this one all about folks emerging into the world of work:

Hi Alison, I feel totally honoured to be included in your list. Many thanks and best wishes.
I’m a big fan of He’s a single dad of two daughters and it not afraid to stoke up controversy and get stuck in. His comments section is excellent – very thoughtful and intelligent discussion with resort to playground hurling.
Another is She runs a weekly Listography, which has become a must enter for me (this week it’s about inventions). Its biggest strengths is the access it gives you to like-minded bloggers.
Anyway, many thanks again.
Keith aka Reluctant Housedad

Thanks Alison. I’m pleased to be among such esteemed company – and a few dodgy geezers too. 😉

Thanks for all your comments and further suggestions of great blogs to read – some of which I am familiar with and others I will enjoy checking out. I have loved collating the list of my current favourites and its brilliant to see people clicking through and having a read.

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