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To TheHRD With Love and Thanks

Posted on: March 5, 2011


So, as of Thursday, TheHRD has left the building and apparently the Twitterverse. It’s hard to conceive of any other person whose absence would be so greatly missed by so many. I am hopeful that Theo will return in some form in the future, but for now, I wanted to express the impact that the fictional character of TheHRD has had on me personally…and even more than this, the influence of the real man himself.

So my reflections, impressions, memories and favourite bits are as follows –

  • initially intimidating online presence
  • very funny, witty, humorous…his tweets and banter frequently made me laugh out loud
  • provocative, challenging the status quo, fearless, refreshing
  • devoted family man
  • kind, generous, focussed on community
  • sweary!
  • supportive – of me and countless others, usually behind the scenes
  • inspiring
  • real…the drive to cut through meaningless facades and superficial platitudes to get to the meaningful grit underneath
  • a creator of community – one of my favourite blog post was the one close to Christmas where so many of us shared the things that make our Christmases special
  • bright, intelligent, innovative and forward-thinking…let’s not forget
  • others will be able to comment more fully than me on this, but an amazing, loyal and supportive friend

So TheHRD we will miss you enormously. But given that what makes TheHRD special is the real man underneath, I am certain that I speak for others when I say that we would miss the ‘real’ you even more…come back soon!

With love and thanks xxx

11 Responses to "To TheHRD With Love and Thanks"

I disagree. Try as I did, I didn’t like him. The person behind the persona may well be a great guy, but TheHRD ran out of steam months ago. The inconsistencies of this invented Mr Nasty persona showed that he was finding it too difficult to remain in character.

I find it difficult to relate to someone when I don’t know who they are. I’d like to meet him under his creators true identity though.

Each to their own, I guess – all I can say was that my experience was very different. Thanks for commenting.

I’m not sure of the background here and I don’t know you, but as a psychologist by training I wanted to make a few observations.

I wonder what would make someone take the time and effort to write a strongly worded, negative comment about what seems to be a “deceased” fictional character? And moreover on a site where someone was saying good things about someone they seemed to know and care for. Surely if you didn’t like them, you’d just pass on by?

Which then makes me consider what the options might be, jealousy, feelings of personal inadequacy, deep rooted unhappiness or perhaps a compelling need to seek attention?

Whatever the root cause, I think you probably need to seek some help or support. Behaviour like this can often be connected to some deeper sense of loss or longing. Are you perhaps projecting feelings of hatred for yourself onto someone else? Or is this a sense of rejection, perhaps acting like a lover spurned if Betty’s comments below are true?

Anyway, as an outsider I have to say this makes you look a little weak and a rather sad desperate creature. There are professionals like me out there who can help. It may feel like a big step now, but reach out…..once you find the strength to seek support you’re on the way to dealing with the issues that you clearly seem to have.

Dr F

Alison, there are always some people that have to try to ruin things for others, people who have to try to be ‘controversial’ but don’t have the intelligence to back it up.
Thankfully, the ‘Theo’ that we have got to know isn’t like that, and many people are unaware of the kindness and support he showed people away from the persona.
It could even be flippant of me to say that TheHRD made the above, negative person look pretty daft on more than one occasion!!? Perhaps that’s created the resentment? TheHRD managed to do things where others tried, and were incapable. Theo always managed to temper his biting wit with charm and flair. The above individual, personally, I find to be charmless. Just my view.
I don’t want your blog to end up as an argument or debate with someone not worth the energy. I think it’s really pathetic that he has yet again tried to undermine someone elses heartfelt views.
So Alison – congratulations on this wonderful post. Those people who are worth it think that the sentiments about the individual it concerns are genuine and true.
To the other – I still think that therapy is the best option ;o)

Wonderful post Alison! My experience of Theo was of a witty, kind, thoughtful and clever man who always had time for me. As well as helping me to start my blog, he took the time to source me a mentor. I liked the way he said things the way that he saw them and I always knew where I stood. He will be a loss to me for sure and I would like to join you in saying a huge thank you.

I’ve had a soft spot for Theo right from the start but I can absolutely see why he wasn’t everyones cup if tea. I think in some ways that was his point!

I personally wouldn’t have added a negative comment to a positive blog post about someone I didn’t like. But then I’m a big wet wimp! Something neither Stephen or Theo are/were.

Does being a big fan of both of them make me in need of therapy?!!

Alison: great post! I agree – The HRD was something I think all of us needed – an outspoken, opinionated entertainer who has supported HR blogging, asked frank questions & encouraged the growth of a community. There’s no doubt that The HRD’s anonymity allowed him to propose and discuss taboo subjects that many of us would be afraid to because of professional repercussions. With that in mind, it’s clear that The HRD has provoked

encouraged, made people think and shaken up the online HR community – serious kudos needed.

We have also been privvy to get to know ‘Theo’ too – and I for one hope that the death of The HRD does not equal the loss of this man’s wit, warmth and intellect.

As for detractors who ‘don’t like The HRD’, I agree with Betty – let’s not make a positive blog post into a negative argument. But I will say that if people don’t like The HRD, why comment on a blog post about him and indeed, most of the blog posts written by The HRD??!!!!

I discovered theHRD very late, just before the end really. And yet he inspired me enough to keep reading HR blogs and even writing a bit myself. He will be missed but I hope those that know the real man behind the mask will have the honor to continue to benefit from his it and wisdom.
As for the other guy… ok, whatever…

Thank you all for commenting – I loved writing this post and glad that lots of other enjoyed reading it.

If I have to take one learning from it, I would probably say you can’t please all of the people all of the time! More controversy than I expected perhaps, but theHRD always did provoke debate ;).

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