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The Power of the Blog!

Posted on: October 27, 2010


I’ve had a first-hand lesson this week in the power of social community…and it’s been an incredible experience.  I wrote my first blog post on the back of the Connecting HR Unconference last Friday and it was surprisingly easy and straightforward.  What I was completely unprepared for though, was the pretty much instant reaction from all of you lovely HR folk out there, some of whom I know, but many of whom I don’t, wishing me well, cheering me on, encouraging and engaging with me, commenting and retweeting.  What a fantastic advert for social media!

It has felt like a huge step forward in my own personal development and the sense of achievement I gained from doing it was, and is, enormous.  Not through the content of my blog (it is not and is never likely to be rocket science, let’s set expectations now!) and certainly not through the process of posting, which was ridiculously easy.  Rather, that writing and putting yourself ‘out there’ is powerful and empowering, as well as being exciting and mildly terrifying.  In considering what topics to write about, I reflect more on what knowledge I’ve got, what would be useful to share, where the value-add is…what on earth I’ve been doing!…plus it brings a sense of confidence and sharpened focus to things at work, which can only be good.

It has also brought home the realisation that through Twitter and the Connecting HR initiative I am part of a really strong and supportive external HR network, which just feels fantastic.  Perhaps it’s really only when you start to express yourself and share your own views (and therefore part of yourself) through social media that you feel truly part of this.

I’d like to extend an invitation to any HR non-bloggers out there who have ever felt mildly tempted, to give it a go, write a guest post on this site and find out for yourself how powerful it can be.  Any topic, your choice, just get in touch and I’d be delighted to post for you…I’d love to get more beginners on board!


3 Responses to "The Power of the Blog!"

Hey, Alison. It was good to meet you last week. I’m with you on everything you’ve written here. The social media space is just a big school playground, really, and not nearly as scary as it looks from the outside – as the RT’s and comments on your first post attest. On blogging, the discipline of thinking and writing is helpful to everything better paid in a working career. Keep at it – fifteen comments on your first post and one on your second is a flying start!

Hi Alison! the above is fantastic and whilst i’ve not committed the time, i fear i’m overthinking what it is that i should be contributing. You have definitely inspired me to leap out into the social network and create a strong support network for my career in HR. Thank you for your words!

Thanks both. Kevin, it was great to meet you last week too. Think you’re absolutely right about the school playground analogy, its so much less scary once you plunge in and gave a go.And Katherine, knowing you as I do, I know you’ve got loads to say that will be really interesting for people…and being yourself is plenty good enough imho! The offer of a guest blog spot is open – I have a feeling you’ll love it once you start 🙂

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